Problem with mouse input "freeze"

Oldřich Jedlička at
Wed Jan 6 12:00:55 PST 2010

Hi list and Peter,

this is a continuation from linuxwacom-devel mailing list - the full thread 
(few messages actually) can be found here

So let's start from the beginning. I had a problem: when I pressed a key on 
keyboard, then a PAD button on tablet that emitted a key and then a normal PAD 
button on the tablet, the mouse moved to [0,0] and mouse input "freezed". The 
"freeze" means that mouse (tablet/ordinary mouse) moves, but there are no 
hover effects, no menu selection, no clicks accepted by applications - until 
some key is pressed.

The move to [0,0] has been fixed by the patch from Peter Hutterer from this 
mailing list - patch with subject:

  [PATCH v2] dix: don't update the slave coordinates from the VCK.

The mouse input "freeze" problem is still there, the steps to reproduce have 
changed: I have to press a key on keyboard, then double-click button 2 on 
tablet (no movement events in between - reproduced both with tablet PAD key 
and with tablet pen). What happens is that with only the single-click the 
local menu opens (but everything works); with double-click the menu opens, but 
doesn't go away as usual - the mouse input "freezes" instead (as described 

My guess is that there are still some valuators problems, so that the 
application grabs the mouse input and doesn't know what to do next.

Thanks for any help.


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