Problem with mouse input "freeze"

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at
Wed Jan 6 22:09:21 PST 2010

On Wed, Jan 06, 2010 at 09:00:55PM +0100, Oldřich Jedlička wrote:
> Hi list and Peter,
> this is a continuation from linuxwacom-devel mailing list - the full thread 
> (few messages actually) can be found here
> So let's start from the beginning. I had a problem: when I pressed a key on 
> keyboard, then a PAD button on tablet that emitted a key and then a normal PAD 
> button on the tablet, the mouse moved to [0,0] and mouse input "freezed". The 
> "freeze" means that mouse (tablet/ordinary mouse) moves, but there are no 
> hover effects, no menu selection, no clicks accepted by applications - until 
> some key is pressed.
> The move to [0,0] has been fixed by the patch from Peter Hutterer from this 
> mailing list - patch with subject:
>   [PATCH v2] dix: don't update the slave coordinates from the VCK.
> The mouse input "freeze" problem is still there, the steps to reproduce have 
> changed: I have to press a key on keyboard, then double-click button 2 on 
> tablet (no movement events in between - reproduced both with tablet PAD key 
> and with tablet pen). What happens is that with only the single-click the 
> local menu opens (but everything works); with double-click the menu opens, but 
> doesn't go away as usual - the mouse input "freezes" instead (as described 
> above).
> My guess is that there are still some valuators problems, so that the 
> application grabs the mouse input and doesn't know what to do next.

can I assume you only have one master device and you aren't playing around
with MPX? what's the output of xinput --list --short? is the pad a floating

I can't reproduce it here, neither on 1.7 nor on master so I might need some
special setup.


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