Is it possible to seperate Xorg into several sub processes

lantian ai ailantian at
Thu Jan 21 01:39:20 PST 2010

Hello All:

Currently ,The Xorg is a single process, It will deal with input,
output ,window clip , and many extentions events.

But this seems make Xorg too complex , big and unstable.

When we use some unstable driver ,such as some bad touchapd driver .
Sometimes it will make Xorg block or hang , no response on graphic

But the OS is still alive, Some driver will make Xorg into an infinite
loop . Sometimes it only make Xorg crash or abort.

Is it possible to make Xorg into  several sub processes?

Such as , one for input ,one for output,graphic operations, one for
other logic .....

And for the input part, make each device use one thread , or one
process, So it will not block others

It is hard for us to debug Xorg with the complex logic (window
events,input evnets, and so many events,so many old logics)

If I am a driver developer ,I only care about the input part of
Xserver.  I also don't want to make graphic output hangs.

If I am a graphic driver developer , I also don't want the input
events disturb me either .


Best regards

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