Is it possible to seperate Xorg into several sub processes

Fernando Carrijo fcarrijo at
Thu Jan 21 09:42:04 PST 2010

Hi lantian,

lantian ai <ailantian at> wrote:

> Hello All:
> Currently ,The Xorg is a single process, It will deal with input,
> output ,window clip , and many extentions events.
> But this seems make Xorg too complex , big and unstable.
> When we use some unstable driver ,such as some bad touchapd driver .
> Sometimes it will make Xorg block or hang , no response on graphic
> system,
> But the OS is still alive, Some driver will make Xorg into an infinite
> loop . Sometimes it only make Xorg crash or abort.
> Is it possible to make Xorg into  several sub processes?
> Such as , one for input ,one for output,graphic operations, one for
> other logic .....

The last initiative to revamp the current implementation of the x server
into a multi-threaded application was conducted, with the mentoring of a
few core developers, by Tiago Vignatti while participating as a student
in the Google Summer of Code 2008. That fact raised a few interesting
discussions about the inherent single-threaded nature of the server;
some of which can still be read here:

Have a look at a thread named "to thread the X server (?)"


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