Is it possible to seperate Xorg into several sub processes

lantian ai ailantian at
Thu Jan 21 17:17:56 PST 2010

Hello Fernando:

Thanks, with threaded Xorg, other drivers(input drivers )will not
block graphic operation and refreshes.

But It will still coredump or abort with bad driver.(I mean the
hotplug or any hardware input devices sometimes make Xorg
coredump,such as bad valuator,or sometimes valuator is NULL , It is
strage , but happens)

Anyway it is better than the situation now .

I will look into the link you provided. Thank you very much.


Best regards

ai lantian

2010/1/22 Fernando Carrijo <fcarrijo at>:
> Hi lantian,
> lantian ai <ailantian at> wrote:
>> Hello All:
>> Currently ,The Xorg is a single process, It will deal with input,
>> output ,window clip , and many extentions events.
>> But this seems make Xorg too complex , big and unstable.
>> When we use some unstable driver ,such as some bad touchapd driver .
>> Sometimes it will make Xorg block or hang , no response on graphic
>> system,
>> But the OS is still alive, Some driver will make Xorg into an infinite
>> loop . Sometimes it only make Xorg crash or abort.
>> Is it possible to make Xorg into  several sub processes?
>> Such as , one for input ,one for output,graphic operations, one for
>> other logic .....
> The last initiative to revamp the current implementation of the x server
> into a multi-threaded application was conducted, with the mentoring of a
> few core developers, by Tiago Vignatti while participating as a student
> in the Google Summer of Code 2008. That fact raised a few interesting
> discussions about the inherent single-threaded nature of the server;
> some of which can still be read here:
> Have a look at a thread named "to thread the X server (?)"
> Cheers,
> Fernando.

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