[PATCH xserver 14/15] xfree86: use sed rather than cpp to perform string substitutions

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Sun Jan 9 11:52:22 PST 2011

On 01/ 8/11 06:19 PM, Gaetan Nadon wrote:
> xorgconf.cpp: replaced __xconfigfile__ with xorg.conf as this file name
> is hard coded in the xserver configuration and cannot change.

This, and several similar defines/substitutions are leftovers from the
XFree86->Xorg migration.   When we first created the Xorg server from
the XFree86 sources, we provided ways to build with the old file names
for the server & its configuration files, log files, etc. to allow
distros to switch to the new code base without having to update the
rest of their code base & documentation to the new names first - their
installer/configuration utilities could continue to run XFree86 and
create XF86config files.

While I know one major distro (the one who contributed the work to use
the defines to make this possible) was using this 6 years ago, I don't
think anyone uses it today, and it could probably all go away, though
I suppose leaving it in preserves an easier ability to fork if someday
X.Org similarly falls apart as XFree86 and the X Consortia did before it.

	-Alan Coopersmith-        alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
	 Oracle Solaris Platform Engineering: X Window System

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