eGalax USB Touchscreen support it recent

Cedric Sodhi manday at
Thu Oct 27 02:09:17 PDT 2011


I've tried everything I could think of but I cannot get the eGalax
Touchscreen (ASUS EEE Slate) to work.

I tried various combinations of the in-kernel eGalax driver (USB
Touchscreen), the USB HID Multitouch and also the Wacom driver.

If I interpret it correctly USB HID always wins out, then there is
/dev/input/event7 in sysfs, which responds fine and even interacts
(though not correctly) with GPM.

X also picks the event interface up as a touchscreen and tries to apply
evdev on it, but although the cursor then moves, it remains practicablly
unusuable. It's erratic at times, which I suppose happens because evdev
does not sufficiently smoothen out the coordinates like, say, the
xf86-input-wacom does (which is a great driver, by the way), and the
coordinates to not map at all.

It appears that, though XOrg says the axes were absolute, it becomes
some kind of unpredictable mapping because there is also some sort of
acceleration taking place.

So if I, say, *touch* the screen at certain position, the cursor
reproducably jumps to a specific position. But if I drag arround on the
screen, there is no 1-to-1 correspondance between position on screen and
position on display.

Clicking also doesn't work at all. And when I try to set the "evdev
calibration", it has absolutly no effect whatsoever (from within
xorg.conf and xinput extension cli alike).

Thanks for your help.

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