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Wed Jan 18 05:13:56 PST 2012

boolean) option conflicts with the -hnl (honour newlines) option such
that -hnl cancels -nbbo, therefore -nbbo is ignored.

Personally I don't like it when a developer submits a patch that
intermixes code changes with formatting changes. As such I'm not fond
of the -lp (continue at parenthesis) option because it has the
side-effect of encouraging this behaviour. If, for example, a given
function has 5 arguments and the code is refactored to change the name
of the function such that the new name is a different length from the
previous name, the patch will then contain the changed line plus 4
lines of formatting changes to keep the arguments "lined up".

You mentioned that cuddling the else slightly outnumbered not cuddling
(was there a vote that I missed, or are you basing this on an
examination of the existing code?). However you then provide the -nce
(don't cuddle else) option. Personally I prefer -nce, but if you'd
like to go with the majority then -ce should be used instead.

Best regards,

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