[PATCH] Remove XAA

Roman Mamedov rm at romanrm.ru
Wed Jan 18 12:14:48 PST 2012


> I love this. It invalidates some of my outstanding patches in the best
> possible way. But... could you explain (preferably in the commit
> message) what evidence you have that "it hasn't worked"? I thought
> people were still using XAA.

Indeed, I have just now tested XAA vs EXA on the Lemote Yeeloong[1] (siliconmotion).
In gtkperf, XAA is good 20% faster than EXA here.
With the removal of XAA, what do you guys suggest us to do?
"Staying on an old version of Xorg forever" doesn't count as a solution.

[1] "The Lemote Yeeloong is the most free software / open source friendly portable computer ever produced. All of the software that runs on it - even the BIOS (the software that runs before your operating system loads) is open for anyone who would like to improve or replace it. All of the features of the hardware are usable without any binary blobs - binaries that make it impossible for the community to improve upon or make innovative use of hardware, such as wifi, as is the case with the vast majority of computers."

With respect,

"Stallman had a printer,
with code he could not see.
So he began to tinker,
and set the software free."
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