KeySym to Unicode?

Troy Watson drtwox at
Fri Jan 27 15:48:41 PST 2012

> Because Unicode was invented years after Xlib and no one ever went back
> to add such a thing?   Most of the Xlib API is codeset independent since
> it was written in the days when every locale used a different character
> set (ISO 8859-*, Big5, JIS, etc.), so you get a char buffer appropriate
> to the current locale.
> There were a few UTF-8 specific additions in later years, but mostly we've
> been trying to let Xlib rest in peace since then, pushing new API design
> towards xcb instead.

Thank you for the definitive answer.

Will such a function exist in XCB? I can't imagine any windowing
system that wouldn't need such functionality, which is why GTK, QT et
al. implement their own for Xlib. Looking at the code for Awesome
Window Manger (which uses XCB) they have a simple keysym_to_utf8
function already.

I guess this is going off topic here and belongs in xcb-devel...

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