KeySym to Unicode?

walter harms wharms at
Sat Jan 28 02:27:22 PST 2012

Am 28.01.2012 00:48, schrieb Troy Watson:
>> Because Unicode was invented years after Xlib and no one ever went back
>> to add such a thing?   Most of the Xlib API is codeset independent since
>> it was written in the days when every locale used a different character
>> set (ISO 8859-*, Big5, JIS, etc.), so you get a char buffer appropriate
>> to the current locale.
>> There were a few UTF-8 specific additions in later years, but mostly we've
>> been trying to let Xlib rest in peace since then, pushing new API design
>> towards xcb instead.
> Thank you for the definitive answer.
> Will such a function exist in XCB? I can't imagine any windowing
> system that wouldn't need such functionality, which is why GTK, QT et
> al. implement their own for Xlib. Looking at the code for Awesome
> Window Manger (which uses XCB) they have a simple keysym_to_utf8
> function already.
> I guess this is going off topic here and belongs in xcb-devel...

If you think it would be useful maybe you can prepare a patch  ?


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