[PATCH 0/4] A few cleanups found during Glamor testing

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Thu Jul 24 16:39:17 PDT 2014

While testing the updated intel driver with glamor support, I found a
couple of minor nits in the X server.

 [PATCH 1/4] xfree86: Avoid compiler warning for unused vars without

This eliminates a few unused variable warnings when compiling without
systemd support

 [PATCH 2/4] present: Make window MSC offset 0 initially

This just makes MSC values visible to applications be the same as the
MSC value coming from the kernel, at least initially. There's no
particular requirement for this, but it did make debugging some
problems in glamor easier.

 [PATCH 3/4] present: Avoid crash at server shutdown

When the server shuts down with a flip sill pending, the flip gets
aborted after the root window is destroyed. This checks for that case
and avoids crashing.

 [PATCH 4/4] xfree86/modes: rotation damage is automatically destroyed

When shutting down the server with a RandR shadow scanout buffer in
use, the damage attached to the root pixmap gets automatically
destroyed when the root pixmap is destroyed. This patch avoids also
trying to free the damage struct when cleaning up the shadow fb itself.x

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