[PATCH xserver resend] xf86: dri2: Use va_gl as vdpau_driver for Intel i965 GPUs

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Mon May 8 16:50:43 UTC 2017

Hans de Goede <hdegoede at redhat.com> writes:

> The modesetting driver (which now often is used with Intel GPUs),
> relies on dri2_probe_driver_name() to get the dri and vdpau driver
> names, before this commit it would always assign the same name to
> the 2 names. But the vdpau driver for i965 GPUs should be va_gl
> (i915 does not support vdpau at all).
> This commit modifies the used lookup table and dri2_probe_driver_name()
> to set the vdpau_driver to va_gl for i965 GPUs, it leaves the 2
> names the same for all other GPUs.
> Note this commit adds a FIXME comment for a memory leak in
> dri2_probe_driver_name(), that leak was already present and fixing
> it falls outside of the scope of this commit.

It sounds from va_gl's page like it could be used not just on intel but
on AMD.  Since va_gl sounds like it's a generic fallback to layering
vaapi in between vdpau and hardware, could the vdpau wrapper lib be
modified to always try it as a fallback for no driver-specific lib being
present?  This seems to me like the right place to fix things: the X
server has only worse knowledge of what drivers your software has than
your software itself does.

Alternatively, if the vdpau wrapper lib is not modifiable, should we be
answering va_gl for basically everything where we don't know of an open
vdpau implementation?
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