Cannot submit merge request for xf86-video-intel

Maarten Maathuis madman2003 at
Sat May 11 19:17:13 UTC 2019

Given that the xf86-video-intel repo hasn't been been set up for PRs
it seems (as opposed to lets say the xserver).
I see in
the following people having made the most recent changes:

Ville Syrjälä: ville.syrjala at (found via a commit
message with sign-off tag)
Eric Anholt: eric at
Adam Jackson: ajax at

Throw them a mail personally explaining them your question.

On Sat, May 11, 2019 at 11:46 AM Adam Richter <adamrichter4 at> wrote:
> Hi, everyone on xorg-devel.
> I am wondering what the proper procedure is for submitting a patch or
> merge request for xf86-video-intel.  I had trouble using gitlab to do it,
> so I sent the following email to intel-gfx and got no response, which
> is unsurprising to me, given that I think that that list is essentially
> for Linux DRM patches.
> The patch I am trying to submit, attached to this email,  is the other
> "assert(a && b) --> asert(a); assert(b)" patch that I mentioned (the
> first one being for xserver).  This one for xf86-video-intel, which I
> believe is deprecated for Linux, but I imagine might still be used
> in some circumstances.
> Anyhow, my original email to intel-gfx, appended here, covers
> this in slightly  more detail.  Any advice on how I should proceed
> is welcome.  Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.
> Adam
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> From: Adam Richter <adamrichter4 at>
> Date: Mon, May 6, 2019 at 12:27 PM
> Subject: Cannot submit merge request for xf86-video-intel
> To: <intel-gfx at>
> Hi, everyone.
> I am having trouble submitting a merge request on
> for xf86-video-intel, even though doing so for
> xserver works fine.  The README for xf86-video-intel states that its
> mailing list is intel-gfx at, so I am asking here,
> even though most of the discussion on this list appears to be Linux
> DRM patches.
> On, I forked a personal copy of
> xf86-video-intel and pushed a change to it, but when I try to create a
> new pull request, the web page only offers me the options of
> submitting the merge request to one of two other users' tree.
> If I explicitly type "xorg/driver/xf86-video-intel" into the pull down
> menu for "Target branch" (because the menu does have a box for
> entering the text directly), the target repository name is updated,
> but when I click on "Compare branches and continue", I get a screen
> that states "You must select different branches," and has the target
> and source both set to my repository and branch.
> My understanding is that, on Linux these days, the X server now has
> xf86-video-modesetting merged in and normally uses that instead of
> xf86-video-intel, but xf86-video-intel is not marked as "archived" on
>, so I am guessing that changes to it are still
> potentially useful on some other operating systems or in some other
> unusual cases.
> In case anyone is curious about what the patch is, it is just
> essentially mechanical conversions of "assert(a && b)" to "assert(a)"
> and "assert(b)", hopefully for more efficient diagnosis of assertion
> failure reports, which I have attached to this message for reference.
> I submitting a similar merge request for the core X server a few days
> ago, and it apparently got a positive feedback, and I expect it to be
> merged shortly.
> Anyhow, any advice on how I should proceed, including simply
> redirecting me to a more appropriate mailing list, would be
> appreciated.  Thanks for reading this far, and thanks in advance for
> any guidance on this.
> Adam
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