Cannot submit merge request for xf86-video-intel

Adam Jackson ajax at
Mon May 13 15:53:12 UTC 2019

On Sat, 2019-05-11 at 21:17 +0200, Maarten Maathuis wrote:
> Given that the xf86-video-intel repo hasn't been been set up for PRs
> it seems (as opposed to lets say the xserver).
> I see in
> the following people having made the most recent changes:
> Ville Syrjälä: ville.syrjala at (found via a commit
> message with sign-off tag)
> Eric Anholt: eric at
> Adam Jackson: ajax at

I don't have an active development interest in the intel driver, I just
ship it. My most recent patch was just because I couldn't get it to
build on 32-bit in Fedora, and I wasn't the one that merged it. In
general I try not to force-push patches to drivers that have active
maintenance. Which intel does have, despite the lack of releases;
people pretty much just use git snapshots and that seems to be

The intel driver hasn't migrated to gitlab yet, Intel have internal
processes that revolve around bugzilla and the mailing list still
AFAIK. intel-gfx@ was the right place to send the patch.

- ajax

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