Spurious Xserver crashes in WaitForSomething

Felix Kühling fxkuehl at gmx.de
Fri Oct 1 14:46:53 PDT 2004


I'm getting spurious Xserver crashes with a fatal error in
WaitForSomething since two days ago (got two of them to be exact). My
report can be found in fd.o bugzilla #1505. Select returns with
errno==EINVAL. I added some debug output to the problematic function but
it didn't reveal any illegal arguments to select.

Now I just remembered the removed default fops in the DRM and Keith's
mentioning crashes when he last tried that. If the Xserver tries to use
select on a DRM file descriptor that doesn't support it (poll I guess),
it would get EINVAL now.

I just don't know how it happens the file descriptor of a DRM device
would be used with WaitForSomething. Maybe a different bug ..., maybe
one in the savage driver? Has anyone else got similar crashes on
different hardware?


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