XOrg6.8.1 and gtk1 (not the ARGB issue)

Dexter Filmore Dexter.Filmore at gmx.de
Wed Oct 6 07:11:55 PDT 2004

I recently upgraded X from XFree86 4.3/fglrx(ATi) to XOrg/radeon.
Everything is fine, apart from my mail client Sylpheed (claws branch,
ver0.9.12b) and VMware:
In tree boxen, the lines seperating the entries turned from white to black,
which has a huge impact on appearance.

Should I recompile gtk/glib or is this an environment setting issue?

Version: 3.12
GCS d--(+)@ s-:+ a- C+++(++++) UL+>++++ P+>++ L+++>++++ E-- W++ N o? K-
w--(---) !O M+ V- PS++(+) PE(-) Y+ PGP(-) t++(---)@ 5 X+(++) R+(++) tv--(+)@ 
b+(+++) DI+++ D G++ e* h>++ r%>* y?

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