Best practices of X demonstrations

Alexander Shopov ash at
Wed Oct 6 01:57:32 PDT 2004

Hi everybody,
I am Alexander Shopov and need some advice on Xorg demos.
We are making OpenFest - an event dedicated to open source and free 
software in Bulgaria[1].
As I usually cover "all things X"[2], I am making a presentation about 
new features in Xorg implementation of X Window.
I am rummaging through all Xorg papers and Freenix papers and I am 
preparing an intermediary-to-advanced public presentation.
I am seeing in many occasions: "Demonstrations goes here".
Can somebody enlighten me on what usually is presented, what hardware 
specs do I need, how to set up a demonstration workplace most easily, etc?
I am interested in the shiny things that attract public ;-)
(i.e.: find -name "*.c" | grep -v "^$" | wc is not that impressive, 
though autoconf-ed build process maybe lukewarmly attractive to the some 
of the most advanced users in the public. xcb size is also somewhat 
attractive. These will be covered in the presentation but are not 
interesting for inclusion in the accompanying demo.)

I am looking in a way to demonstrate glitz, new extensions in X, the 
security architecture being prepared by NSA, etc. - all things shiny for 
the brave new X.

Can anyone give some direction?

Best regards;

[2] movies as well.

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