Xorg version number change

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Sun Oct 10 22:41:49 PDT 2004

Roland Mainz wrote:
>>>BTW: Since a while Solaris has a link /usr/X/ which points to the

That's actually there for compliance with the SysV ABI.

Sun's packages of Xorg for Solaris deliver into /usr/X11 (no R6, since
R7 appears to be around the corner and we saw no reason to suffer migration
pain when moving to a new version, though /usr/X11R6 is a symlink to 
/usr/X11 to make it easier for scripts written to that on other OS'es).
If there's ever a X12 it will likely be different enough that a different
directory is a good idea - but we can burn that bridge when we come to it.

> Really... both _should_ live in /usr/gnome/ like all good Unix citizen.

Unfortunately, the FHS part of the LSB prohibits that.   (I believe people
from Sun's GNOME team tried to argue against that and lost.)

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