Xorg version number change

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Mon Oct 11 06:07:15 PDT 2004

On Llu, 2004-10-11 at 06:41, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> > Really... both _should_ live in /usr/gnome/ like all good Unix citizen.
> Unfortunately, the FHS part of the LSB prohibits that.   (I believe people
> from Sun's GNOME team tried to argue against that and lost.)

The FHS uses /opt for this situation if the user wants to install
packages clustered that way. I believe Sun may have invented that too 8)

The FHS position way back when was that /usr/X11* was a nasty that was
required by historical precedent but which it would be nice to
exterminate eventually. Hopefully the debrix work will provide a good
basis for that since autoconf is quite easy to train in this way.


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