ATI mach64 core consultant work needed

Richard Smith rsmith at
Fri Oct 15 09:53:58 PDT 2004

Bitworks, Inc ( has an opportunity for some 
consulting work on a board design with ATI Rage Mobility M1's located on 
the motherboard.

In a nutshell we have a Intel Celeron and 440bx based embeedded system 
design with 2 ATI M1's on the PCI bus.  It boots LinuxBIOS.
We have some sort of subtle hardware issue that is keeping the chips 
from getting fully initialized.   We need help finding this problem.

We are looking for someone or some company who has really good knowledge 
of the mach64 core and idealy the int10 emulation core(s) and can help 
us determine what part of the (BIOS level) init is leaving the card in 
an "almost working" state. *grin*

Since I'm using this in a "Non-standard" configuraion ATI's support has 
been worthless.

You can come to Bitworks or I can come to you depending on the 
facilities available.

A critical factor is that it cannot be propritary binary only solution. 
  I need GPL compability to work with LinuxBIOS.

So people trying sell me your binary driver package need not respond.

We have the register docs for the M1 and the BIOS source code and we 
have permission from ATI to release any source code generated from these 
sources under GPL whatever so any work done can go directly back into 
the X tree.

The need is ASAP.  If you appear to be able to help I can have you on a 
plane next week.

Email me or call me at 479.846.5777 x104 for all the gory details.

Richard A. Smith
rsmith at

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