X11R6.8.2 maintenance release plans and call for comments.

Jim Gettys Jim.Gettys at hp.com
Tue Oct 26 12:13:02 PDT 2004

There seems to be a pretty strong consensus that we should do a 6.8.2
maintenance release, and at least one volunteer (Roland Mainz, hidden
away in a message) to help do the work involved, though no decision as
been taken yet on choosing a wrangler.  There are lots of volunteers to
actually do the patching, etc, and a lot of good bug fixes have been
found in the distribution channel that should get integrated and

If there are others willing to volunteer or to help, now is the time to
speak up so we can make these plans solid and put a schedule to them.

Roland suggests we adopt the bug nomination strategy used by Mozilla
(which they have engineered into the version of Bugzilla we now run.
I suggest people take a look at that message and decide if this is what
we want to do instead of the blocker bug process we've done to date.  I
suspect it may be (after all, the Moz folks bothered to add the facility
to bugzilla finding alternatives inadequate), though I do wonder how
best to track bugs that should be release noted (though I guess all bugs
to a stable release are generally bad enough to be worth that, or you
shouldn't be fixing them in a stable release series).

Kristian, Donny, Torry, Mike, Roland, Daniel, Alan and Leon have been
discussing details of stable release policies in the Release Wrangler's
list; we need to strike a good balance of convenience vs. rigor here.
A serious strawman of policy was written by Kristian here:

In any case, for this is to happen, we need to move on nailing down the
processes quickly so that work can begin.  I'd like to see those
processes nailed down within a week, so now is the time to spend a bit
of time to look at these proposals, comment and discuss, so that serious
work can begin.

Please hold such followup discussions to the release wrangler's list.
				- Jim

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