X11R6.8.2 maintenance release plans and call for comments.

Ely Levy elylevy-xserver at cs.huji.ac.il
Wed Oct 27 01:28:22 PDT 2004

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004, Jim Gettys wrote:

> In
> http://freedesktop.org/pipermail/release-wranglers/2004-October/001090.html
> Roland suggests we adopt the bug nomination strategy used by Mozilla
> (which they have engineered into the version of Bugzilla we now run.
> I suggest people take a look at that message and decide if this is what
> we want to do instead of the blocker bug process we've done to date.  I
> suspect it may be (after all, the Moz folks bothered to add the facility
> to bugzilla finding alternatives inadequate), though I do wonder how
> best to track bugs that should be release noted (though I guess all bugs
> to a stable release are generally bad enough to be worth that, or you
> shouldn't be fixing them in a stable release series).

I supported it then and I still think it's a great idea,
It would let people feel that they have influance and let us see
what people want (but we said it all in the thread there).


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