One (or more) Feature request and 'HOWTO Send driver codes to X.Org ?'

Serdar KOYLU serdar at
Thu Oct 28 00:03:02 PDT 2004

I'm write a input module for DMC TSC-10 TouchScreen. This work is my
first XOrg driver writing and i don't happy on process. Poor
documentation, unknown codes etc...:

>From end of XServer/Xi/stubs.c:
 * Caller:      ProcXChangeDeviceControl
 * Change the specified device controls on an extension input device.

ChangeDeviceControl (client, dev, control)
    register    ClientPtr       client;
    DeviceIntPtr dev;
    xDeviceCtl  *control;
    switch (control->control)
            return (BadMatch);
            return (BadMatch);

What is this ? We only see a "return (BadMatch);" but separated to 9

Yes, this list not a cry wall. I Think develop many documents for this

In other hand, modern I/O devices quickly released, such as TouchPads,
Auto Sim. etc. And this equipments uses generally USB bus. This is a big
problem for X. Yes, we can use Kernel input/evdev interfaces, but all
devices cannot be abstract this models: Such as TouchScreen Panels. In
this case we must write a kernel driver code and XInput driver. This
effort wrong way for me. If write a Kernel mode independent XInput
driver we can gain more portability. For this purpose, we can implement
a USB Stack/Layer to XInput system, same way of xf86OpenSerial(). 

Current XInput driver API don't accept RTMIN .. RTMAX Signals. If we are
handle this signals from Driver code, our codes can read/write USB
devices for many platforms. Such as Linux, USB devices can be accessible
from usbdevfs, sync or async way. 

In other side, driver code cannot be accessible from user applications.
For example, a calibration program cannot be notify calibration changes.

Last, current XInput driver API not accurate for handling multiple input
devices. Such as two touchpad and two mouse. With USB and lower prices,
this combinations easily possible..

Finally, our DMC TSC-10 TouchScreen driver (plus kernel driver for
Linux) already completed. We want send this driver to your repository.
But i cannot found any information for sending driver codes. 

Excuse me for poor english..


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