One (or more) Feature request and 'HOWTO Send driver codes to X.Org ?'

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at
Thu Oct 28 06:18:57 PDT 2004

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 10:03:02 +0300, Serdar KOYLU <serdar at> wrote:
> I'm write a input module for DMC TSC-10 TouchScreen. This work is my
> first XOrg driver writing and i don't happy on process. Poor
> documentation, unknown codes etc...:
> >From end of XServer/Xi/stubs.c:
> /****************************************************************************
>  *
>  * Caller:      ProcXChangeDeviceControl
>  *
>  * Change the specified device controls on an extension input device.
>  *
>  */
> int
> ChangeDeviceControl (client, dev, control)
>     register    ClientPtr       client;
>     DeviceIntPtr dev;
>     xDeviceCtl  *control;
>     {
>     switch (control->control)
>         {
>         case DEVICE_RESOLUTION:
>             return (BadMatch);
>         default:
>             return (BadMatch);
>         }
>     }
> What is this ? We only see a "return (BadMatch);" but separated to 9
> line..
> Yes, this list not a cry wall. I Think develop many documents for this
> purposes.
> In other hand, modern I/O devices quickly released, such as TouchPads,
> Auto Sim. etc. And this equipments uses generally USB bus. This is a big
> problem for X. Yes, we can use Kernel input/evdev interfaces, but all
> devices cannot be abstract this models: Such as TouchScreen Panels. In
> this case we must write a kernel driver code and XInput driver. This
> effort wrong way for me. If write a Kernel mode independent XInput
> driver we can gain more portability. For this purpose, we can implement
> a USB Stack/Layer to XInput system, same way of xf86OpenSerial().
> Current XInput driver API don't accept RTMIN .. RTMAX Signals. If we are
> handle this signals from Driver code, our codes can read/write USB
> devices for many platforms. Such as Linux, USB devices can be accessible
> from usbdevfs, sync or async way.
> In other side, driver code cannot be accessible from user applications.
> For example, a calibration program cannot be notify calibration changes.
> Last, current XInput driver API not accurate for handling multiple input
> devices. Such as two touchpad and two mouse. With USB and lower prices,
> this combinations easily possible..
> Finally, our DMC TSC-10 TouchScreen driver (plus kernel driver for
> Linux) already completed. We want send this driver to your repository.
> But i cannot found any information for sending driver codes.

please post your patches and descriptions on xorg bugzilla:

Also these projects may be of interest to you:


> Excuse me for poor english..
> Thanks.
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