Problems getting developer access to the xorg cvs

Keith Whitwell keith at
Sat Oct 30 03:34:13 PDT 2004

Amir Bukhari wrote:
>>But I do feel that CVS access should be a priviledge granted sometime after a 
>>person has individually shown themselves to be a worthwhile & useful 
>>developer.  It's obviously a lot less contentious to weed people out *before* 
>>granting CVS access to being in a position later on where you have to yank it, 
>>which is always going to lead to hard feelings.
> I work on LG project, which use Xorg and I made alot of bugs fixed for that release.
> our release was not before in Xserver CVS, therefore you don't have got
> my patches.
> you do also a lot of works for DRI.
>>So, in respect to your developer, I don't see any posts to this list from him 
>>(though I don't have a full archive, so I could be wrong) - shouldn't some 
>>basic participation in the public lists be a prerequisite to CVS access?
> correct your wrong here. I have posts alot of topic on this list and
> also on DRI list (because we also should support GL redirection in the
> feature).

OK, apologies Amir - I see your posts on dri-devel now and doing what I should 
have done (searching a full archive) before posting, I see your posts here on 
xorg as well...

Have you made any progress with the redirect issues?  It seems like in 
September you were coming to terms with some fairly deep questions about GL 
and composite - how is that panning out?


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