GL Redirection to offscreen

Amir Bukhari ufz6 at
Sat Oct 30 04:16:55 PDT 2004

> Have you made any progress with the redirect issues?  It seems like in 
> September you were coming to terms with some fairly deep questions about GL 
> and composite - how is that panning out?
I have done some experiment with software Rendering in Xorg and I end up
that Composite work OK with, but for DRI it needs alot of change in DRI
what I am thinking about how GL redirection work is like following:
1- Composite Extension should define interfaces for others X parts (GL,
Xv ...), which it call those interfaces if they exists.
2- each Part of X need a redirection should implement those interface
and register them by Composite extension.
3- the same should be done with Damage Extension, which is related also
with Composite.

this appraoch give more flexibilty for others GL Vender, to support GL
redirection and could be also get others part of X which can not be
handled directly with Composite extension like Xv.
Amir Bukhari <ufz6 at>

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