GL Redirection to offscreen

Keith Whitwell keith at
Sat Oct 30 04:19:52 PDT 2004

Amir Bukhari wrote:
>>Have you made any progress with the redirect issues?  It seems like in 
>>September you were coming to terms with some fairly deep questions about GL 
>>and composite - how is that panning out?
> I have done some experiment with software Rendering in Xorg and I end up
> that Composite work OK with, but for DRI it needs alot of change in DRI
> structure.
> what I am thinking about how GL redirection work is like following:
> 1- Composite Extension should define interfaces for others X parts (GL,
> Xv ...), which it call those interfaces if they exists.
> 2- each Part of X need a redirection should implement those interface
> and register them by Composite extension.

What would this interface look like?

It seems like it would almost have to replace the current GLX/DRI interfaces, 
but maybe I'm reading too much into it.  All the open drivers currently use 
shared Z and depth buffers, for instance - I don't see how that could continue 
under composite.

> 3- the same should be done with Damage Extension, which is related also
> with Composite.
> this appraoch give more flexibilty for others GL Vender, to support GL
> redirection and could be also get others part of X which can not be
> handled directly with Composite extension like Xv.


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