RC4 status

Alexander Gottwald alexander.gottwald at s1999.tu-chemnitz.de
Fri Sep 3 00:29:18 PDT 2004

Name: Alexander Gottwald
Date tested: 9/2/04, 9/3/04
Platform: Cygwin 
Snapshot: X Window System Version (6.8.0 RC 4)
Build tests:
Build tests:
                Empty host.def ---- succesful
                #define BuildServersOnly YES ------successful
                DoLoadableServer defined as NO ------ successful
Install tests:
                Build and install ----- successful
                Build and install with ProjectRoot defined to be something
                other than the default and NothingOutsideProjectRoot
                defined as YES ---- successful

Conformance tests were not run and I'm not able to run all  of them 
until monday. xtest suite for RC1 passed except for the already reported
XDrawArc failures. Everyday work with the RC1 to RC3 revealed no 

 Alexander.Gottwald at s1999.tu-chemnitz.de 
 http://www.gotti.org           ICQ: 126018723

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