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On 2004-09-03 15:10:52 +0800 Lee Revell <rlrevell at> 

> Agreed, this is the worst possible approach.  The only form of 
> democracy
> that hardware vendors understand is voting with your wallet.  
> As long as
> there is one vendor that releases source to their 3D drivers, 
> buy that
> hardware instead of Nvidia or ATI.  If you actually need good 
> 3D, buy
> Nvidia, and recommend other Linux users do the same.
> If it turns out that the Linux 3D market is big enough to 
> justify vendor
> support, then this will affect them enough to change their 
> behavior.  If
> not, then the Linux 3D market just isn't big enough, and your 
> time would
> be better spent fixing this by making Linux a better 3D 
> platform.

We have to find a bigger use for 3D cards in linux. Either make 
more linux 3d games or another more pervasive use for 3d 
hardware in linux. An Xserver running on opengl is the first 
thing that comes to my mind.

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