The ati petition

Marek Wawrzyczny marekw1977 at
Fri Sep 3 00:29:46 PDT 2004

Hi all,

Recent subscriber, first time poster :)

I tend to I agree with you too, however I feel that the petition is targeted 
more towards ATI customers, including those who may not have known that 
there's an ATI card inside, who a) don't need to know that ATI is/is not 
cooperating with the writers of various operating system, b) should not care 
about the nuances of driver programming.

I think the spirit of the petition is, we are customers who paid you money and 
we demand support in return, otherwise market your hardware as compatible 
with Windows (and any other fully supported system) only.

On Fri, 3 Sep 2004 15:48, Vladimir Dergachev wrote:
> Hmm.. IMO, it is rather ill-conceived. One could achieve more by asking
> less.
> For example:


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