The ati petition

Hamie hamish at
Fri Sep 3 02:03:05 PDT 2004

Marek Wawrzyczny wrote:

>Hi all,
>Recent subscriber, first time poster :)
>I tend to I agree with you too, however I feel that the petition is targeted 
>more towards ATI customers, including those who may not have known that 
>there's an ATI card inside, who a) don't need to know that ATI is/is not 
>cooperating with the writers of various operating system, b) should not care 
>about the nuances of driver programming.
>I think the spirit of the petition is, we are customers who paid you money and 
>we demand support in return, otherwise market your hardware as compatible 
>with Windows (and any other fully supported system) only.

Possibly the petition should also be circulated widely to the vendors 
who build ATI chipsets into their hardware. Such as IBM... If you want 
an IBM thinkpad, you don't (Currently) get a choice of graphics card... 
Apart from which ATI chipset it's using... If there was another vendor 
who did good keyboards & trackpoints on their thinkpads, I'd switch in a 

Companies like IBM could also do more than just pay lip service to Linux 
support for the hardware they include in their computers... if IBM wrote 
a decent driver rather than just relying on the broken fglrx ones that 
never get fixed, we'd be in a far better position... Not in the ideal of 
having it open sourced of course...

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