Problem with XV colorkey

Billy Biggs vektor at
Fri Sep 3 09:37:58 PDT 2004

Miguel Freitas (mfreitas at

> I'm maintainer of xine, a GPL media player (mostly) used in linux.
> Recently we have received several reports from users saying that video
> is not displayed anymore after upgrading from xfree86 4.3 to
> 6.7.0 release. Instead of the video, users are seeing the colorkey
> itself (a blue window).
> Everything would point to a flaw in xine, since mplayer is not
> affected by this problem. Still, there is at least one big difference
> in xine from how other players handle XV: by default, we disable
> XV_AUTOPAINT_COLORKEY and manually fill the window with the
> XV_COLORKEY value. the reason we do that is to be able to draw over
> the video image (eg. subtitles or on-screen-display) using the screen
> resolution, that is, without scaling it with the xvideo image.

  Possibly related to this, I have had reports from users of tvtime that
after running xine, tvtime only shows a black screen or does not show
video after is has been obscured.  We rely on XV_AUTOPAINT_COLORKEY
being set in the version of tvtime currently deployed, so I thought it
might have something to do with this.

  I thought that the value of this was always reset after the client
exits.  As well, this problem does not seem reproducable with all
drivers, as I have many Xorg users that do not suffer from this.


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