Problem with XV colorkey

Miguel Freitas mfreitas at
Fri Sep 3 06:37:16 PDT 2004

Hi gurus,

I'm maintainer of xine, a GPL media player (mostly) used in linux.
Recently we have received several reports from users saying that video
is not displayed anymore after upgrading from xfree86 4.3 to
6.7.0 release. Instead of the video, users are seeing the colorkey
itself (a blue window).

Everything would point to a flaw in xine, since mplayer is not
affected by this problem. Still, there is at least one big difference
in xine from how other players handle XV: by default, we disable
XV_AUTOPAINT_COLORKEY and manually fill the window with the
XV_COLORKEY value. the reason we do that is to be able to draw over
the video image (eg. subtitles or on-screen-display) using the screen
resolution, that is, without scaling it with the xvideo image.

As an important note, only a few drivers are affected by this problem.
So far, we have reports from i830, i815, voodoo3 and rage mobility

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the problem myself. I have only
access to nvidia and matrox G450 cards (there have been reports of
matrox too, but it was somewhat dependent of depth and i couldn't
reproduce it).

The thing is, to the best of my knowledge we are doing everything
right in xine and still it doesn't work! we use the xvideo extension
like we always did, except for this new use of the colorkey for
drawing subtitles. the colorkey seems to be correctly painted, as it
works with several cards and even the problematic ones do show the
colorkey - but not the xvideo image.

One user reported that video was displayed correctly under kde but not
with afterstep. I can't think of any reason why the window manager
would make a difference here.

Is there something else, like a window property for example, that
could be preventing the image from being displayed? do you have any
suggestions of what we might try?

perhaps some developer of the i810 driver could try reproducing the
problem, and tell us from the perspective if we are doing
something wrong?



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