The ati petition

Hamie hamish at
Sat Sep 4 11:10:36 PDT 2004

Timothy Murphy wrote:

>On Saturday 04 Septembbbbbbbber 2004 11:20, Hamie wrote:
>>if ATI would just release the programming information there'd be any
>>number of people willing to write GOOD and STABLE drivers that would
>>work for ALL situations...
>I read this with a certain degree of jaundice,
>since the ATI driver in the current Xorg
>does not work with my Sony Picturebook (C1VFK)
>which has an ATI Rage Mobility P.M graphic system
>whereas the XFree86 driver in FC-1 worked perfectly.
>I wish one of your any number of people
>would just ensure that the present driver
>works as well as the previous one.

Isn't that entirely the point? Or do I simply express myself so badly 
no-one even suspected what I was trying to say.

With the Open Source drivers, you can look & fix them yourselves... or 
even find someone who would fix them... Or simply log a bug in bugzilla 
about it, and get some feedback on whether it's being looked at etc.

With the Closed Source ones, you're at ATI's mercy. If they don't think 
they're broken, or if they don't care of they're broken, you're out of 
luck. e.g. the fglrx drivers...


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