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Roland Mainz roland.mainz at
Sat Sep 4 15:45:42 PDT 2004

Alex Deucher wrote:
> > ATI probably THINK they're doing a good job with supporting Unix users
> > and their fglrx closed source drivers. And for SOME users (OK. The
> > majority) it probably works quite well. That's desktop people who don't
> > use ACPI for power management, and who never need to suspend their
> > machines etc..
> Part of the problem is X (xorg/xfree86) has no support for ACPI.  They
> are merely working within the framework provided by the windowing
> system.  No X driver supports ACPI.  Full ACPI would probably require
> at least some sort of kernel component and for the most part X is
> completely userspace. Do any of the other binary-only drivers support
> power management at all?  Until X gets proper power management support
> don't look for things to really improve.

s/X/Xorg,Xfree86/ ... Sun has fully functional power managment for their
own graphics cards (search for "FBPM" (="Frame
Buffer Power Management")) for their own cards.
The question is whether their implementation can be ported to Xorg...



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