The ati petition

Vladimir Dergachev volodya at
Sat Sep 4 19:19:11 PDT 2004

> Well, OK. Power management really is required, if only to have the damn fan 
> not run 100% of the time on my laptop, but just managing to not crash & burn

This has little to do with X. Get a recent 2.6.x kernel, turn on ACPI and
cpufreq driver (the one that allows the processor to change frequency 
dynamically) and search on Google for cpudynd . I had to modify its code a 
little bit, but it works great and cpu fan is normally inaudible.


                           Vladimir Dergachev

PS I do agree with comment below about benefits of FOSS drivers.

> on resume (Or even when returning from text mode) would be nice... Heck if 
> they managed that I could use the fglrx drivers & probably wouldn't even care 
> so much. But unlike the Open Source solution, there's nothing I can do beyond 
> filling out a form on their site that gets completely ignored... I know it 
> gets ignored, because I've filled it out for EVERY release they've made in 
> the last 6 months since I got my r50p. And they've never fixed a single 
> problem. Nor have they even acknowledged it.

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