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Vladimir Dergachev volodya at
Sun Sep 5 17:23:58 PDT 2004

>>> to the same power-performance tradeoff for your graphics card and saving
>>> power.
>> Good point. I would imagine that since most of GPU is inactive under
>> regular X drivers I am running at minimum power ;)
> Unlikely.  I suspect that, like with the CPU, the GPU speed must be
>  manually slowed.

Unlike regular CPU, GPU consists of many blocks. I would expect that if 3d 
engine is not used at all it consumes little power - kinda like running 
HLT continuously on spare CPU.

>>> entirely unusable).  On top of that, if I am at a non-1920x1600-type
>> Really ? I was not able to get ATI drivers working with my notebook (same
>> M10, same panel resolution) though I have not tried with latest drivers.
> I can get them to work as long as I stay at the resolutions described, and
>  as long as I'm using XFree 4.3.  Also, as I mentioned, the graphics go
>  to pot after a little while when using the 3D.  This is my "working".  :)
>> This is the reason I started - I
>> want 3d to play with some scientific visualization stuff..
> Did you get specs?

Yes and no. I have docss for 2d-related registers and very small part of 
3d ones. The good news is that CP engine appears to work fine (which, by the 
way, provides a large speedup for 2d - big enough that 2d windows games 
play noticably faster in Wine).

I hoping that with careful munching of publicly available information and 
a few test programs I can figure out parts of ATI 3d engine. For now I 
would be happy with a small library that exercises polygonal graphics and 


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