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Vladimir Dergachev volodya at
Sun Sep 5 09:00:48 PDT 2004

On Sat, 4 Sep 2004, Joseph Pingenot wrote:

>> From Vladimir Dergachev on Saturday, 04 September, 2004:
>>> Well, OK. Power management really is required, if only to have the damn
>>> fan not run 100% of the time on my laptop, but just managing to not crash
>>> & burn
>> This has little to do with X. Get a recent 2.6.x kernel, turn on ACPI and
>> cpufreq driver (the one that allows the processor to change frequency
>> dynamically) and search on Google for cpudynd . I had to modify its code a
>> little bit, but it works great and cpu fan is normally inaudible.
> But, from what I understand, modern cards (at least mobile cards) have
>  either throttling (T) states and/or frequency scaling in the GPU, leading
>  to the same power-performance tradeoff for your graphics card and saving
>  power.

Good point. I would imagine that since most of GPU is inactive under 
regular X drivers I am running at minimum power ;)

>> PS I do agree with comment below about benefits of FOSS drivers.
> Definitely.  I bought my current ATI card (M10) over the nvidia solution
>  *because* they will (in theory) eventually release the specifications,
>  and I no longer have to worry so much about incompatibilities as the
>  software (kernel, X) evolves.
> Unfortunately, while I get good performance (even at 1920x1200), the graphics
>  get *really* lousy after a couple of minutes (read: graphics become
>  entirely unusable).  On top of that, if I am at a non-1920x1600-type

Really ? I was not able to get ATI drivers working with my notebook (same 
M10, same panel resolution) though I have not tried with latest drivers.

This is the reason I started - I 
want 3d to play with some scientific visualization stuff..


                                 Vladimir Dergachev

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