RenderAccel bug?

Erik Harrison erikharrison at
Sun Sep 12 19:54:15 PDT 2004

I've been messing around finally with 6.8.0, testing the nvidia binary
driver, the nv driver, and vesa with xcompmgr running.

I don't know about whether or not nv supports RenderAccel, but with
RenderAccel enabled on any of the three drivers, resizing xterms and
gedit windows becomes very likely to freeze up the display quite
quickly, Switching VTs and killing xcompmgr restores the display, and
shows that hundreds of "error 3" messages have been dumped to the

Running with RenderAccel on in nv and vesa makes fadeout slower than
with it off. As closed or minimized apps are faded out, then the app
seems to hang. Menus fading out is very slow. Disabling accell
restores usable performance for fadeout.

Slackware current w/ 2.6.7 kernel
Abit Siluro (Nvidia 5200 chipset) 128 Megs
Athlon XP 2400+
ASUS A7N8x-Deluxe
512 MB of RAM.


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