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Wed Sep 15 05:50:21 PDT 2004

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004 15:36:39 -0500, sam williams <samiam at> wrote:
> I have been running xorg.conf on an Opteron machine running Fedora
> Core 2. I have a business need to get two graphics cards running. The
> first card is agp based and will run a 37" LCD monitor from Sharp. The
> second card is a 4 head card that is needed to run three displays.
> Currently, I'm having problems, I believe because the drivers that
> come with the Fedora Core 2 distribution are incomplete. Both cards
> are older Matrox. The only matrox driver I have is mga. I need
> "mgag200 pci" and "mgag400".  A decent "mga_hal" wouldn't hurt either
> since the 37" display is digital input only.

there is only one mga driver.  it handles all matrox cards up through
the g550.  You can download the latest HAL module from matrox.

> The install is running Xorg 6.7.0. I have a couple of questions.
> First, is there another source for these drivers for an Opteron based
> machine. Second, if I downloaded and built 6.8.0, would I be able to
> build the missing drivers? If the answer to the previous question is
> yes, can I install over the top of the other xorg, or should I install
> in a seperate location. Finally, does anyone have an experience
> building 6.8.0 on Fedora Core 2?
> I would appreciate any and all answers to these questions. I should be
> able to get both graphic cards working, since I can only use the
> generic "mga" driver the X-server gets confused when I try to run both
> at the same time. In fact, when the pci card is installed I can no
> longer get a display on the 37" monitor. Instead it shows up on
> Monitor 0 from the quad card.
> Thanks for any and all suggestions and hints....

make sure you set the busids correctly.  each device section
associated with a particular head must have it's busid specified.


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