reproducing the old "tinyx" server

Paul Fox pgf at
Fri Sep 17 08:41:03 PDT 2004

 > If its a kdrive ( aka tinyX ) xfbev server you want, your much better
 > off not building from xorg but via cvs from
 > This contains a much updated kdrive server. It has support for ipaq
 > style touchscreen device as well as tslib.
 >    -- Matthew Allum  

ah!  thank you.  i did find the README in the 6.8.1 kdrive directory
that refers one to for
more info, but that didn't get me very far, and i think i figured that
the 6.8.1 release would contain everything i needed.  thanks for the
redirect.  where can i find out more between the difference between
what was released as X11R6.8.1, and what's available in individual CVS
trees like the one you've pointed me to?  i could tell there was a
disconnect in my understanding, but i couldn't figure out how to
resolve it.

 paul fox, pgf at (arlington, ma, where it's 68.9 degrees)

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