reproducing the old "tinyx" server

Paul Fox pgf at
Fri Sep 17 14:30:00 PDT 2004

in response to:
 >  > If its a kdrive ( aka tinyX ) xfbev server you want, your much better
 >  > off not building from xorg but via cvs from
 >  > 
 >  >

i wrote:
 > ah!  thank you.  i did find the README in the 6.8.1 kdrive directory
 > that refers one to for
 > more info, but that didn't get me very far, and i think i figured that
 > the 6.8.1 release would contain everything i needed.  thanks for the
 > redirect.  where can i find out more between the difference between
 > what was released as X11R6.8.1, and what's available in individual CVS

remember, i said i was new at this "building X" stuff, so
bear with me.  although it sort of says it at the top of the
Xserver page, and more explicitly at the top of the
XserverInstallGuide page, somehow i completely missed the fact
that "Xserver" is the new name for what used to be called TinyX
or kdrive.  (i'm i'm wrong, please correct me, again.) to me,
"Xserver" seems like an awfully generic name for a specific
server type, especially one that has had other names in the past. 
am i way off base somehow?

anyway, i have a real question here:  i'm following the procedure
for building kdrive from the XserverInstallGuide page, and i'm
coming up short when building xdmcp -- the failure relates to
xproto being missing.  (specifically, no pkgconfig data for
xproto.)  where should this come from?

thanks for pointers.   consider me a beta tester.

 paul fox, pgf at (arlington, ma, where it's 71.6 degrees)

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