Savage mode setting problem and streams

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at
Fri Sep 17 15:17:44 PDT 2004

On Fri, 17 Sep 2004 23:06:48 +0200, Felix Kühling <fxkuehl at> wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> thanks for committing your savage progress to Xorg CVS.
> I looked into the strange mode setting problem with Savage4 and my 19"
> DFP on the DVI port I reported earlier. Diffing savage_driver.c from
> xorg and DRI CVS lead me to think it may be related to streams (though I
> have a somewhat vague understanding of the concept). Commenting out all
> calls to SavageStreamsOn/Off "solved" the problem which proves my theory
> right. It also improved glxgears frame rates from about 475 to about 510.
> The latter is the same value I got with an XFree86 server running.

yeah Egbert added that when he added his last changes to the savage
driver shortly before the cvs freeze.  I will hopefully be able to
sort it out when I rework the streams code this weekend.

> Another thing I noticed while diffing is that you replaced many
> instances of pScrn->bitsPerPixel with psav->primStreamBpp. Is this safe
> in case the overlay is enabled? It seems psav->primStreamBpp is always
> set to 8 if the overlay is enabled (savage_driver.c line 991). Again,
> I'm not sure what's going on really, just being curious.

once again Egbert added that.  It's something to do with his
pseudocolor overlay code.  basically he uses the rgb mode of the
secondary streams engine as an overlay mode for another color depth
(eg, 8 and 24, etc.).

> Finally, I noticed that you left out the following snippet from
> SavageDPMS:
>     if ( (!psav->CrtOnly) && psav->UseBIOS && psav->PanelX ) {
>         SavageSetPanelEnabled(psav, (mode == DPMSModeOn));
>     }
>     else ...

I think the lcd should shut off fine with the register crunching code
(SR31).  It works for me on MX/IX.  if not, I'll re-add the
setpanelenabled() call.

> I added this in DRI CVS some time ago to switch of the LCD display on my
> notebook when idle. It didn't work with the DVI port on the Savage4
> though. I might look into it and fix both at the same time unless you
> beat me to it.

I'm looking into proper DVI support, but I haven't done any testing
yet. hopefully this weekend.


> Regards,
>   Felix
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