Savage mode setting problem and streams

Felix Kühling fxkuehl at
Fri Sep 17 14:06:48 PDT 2004

Hi Alex,

thanks for committing your savage progress to Xorg CVS.

I looked into the strange mode setting problem with Savage4 and my 19"
DFP on the DVI port I reported earlier. Diffing savage_driver.c from
xorg and DRI CVS lead me to think it may be related to streams (though I
have a somewhat vague understanding of the concept). Commenting out all
calls to SavageStreamsOn/Off "solved" the problem which proves my theory
right. It also improved glxgears frame rates from about 475 to about 510.
The latter is the same value I got with an XFree86 server running.

Another thing I noticed while diffing is that you replaced many
instances of pScrn->bitsPerPixel with psav->primStreamBpp. Is this safe
in case the overlay is enabled? It seems psav->primStreamBpp is always
set to 8 if the overlay is enabled (savage_driver.c line 991). Again,
I'm not sure what's going on really, just being curious.

Finally, I noticed that you left out the following snippet from

    if ( (!psav->CrtOnly) && psav->UseBIOS && psav->PanelX ) {
	SavageSetPanelEnabled(psav, (mode == DPMSModeOn));
    else ...

I added this in DRI CVS some time ago to switch of the LCD display on my
notebook when idle. It didn't work with the DVI port on the Savage4
though. I might look into it and fix both at the same time unless you
beat me to it.


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