Simultaneous multi-user setup on sepate VT's

Svetoslav Slavtchev svetljo at
Sat Sep 18 13:46:33 PDT 2004

> Good day!

Good day 2 U 2

> I've read through all the docs and googled for hours - but I haven't
> been able to find an answer to my question.  Please forgive me if this
> is the wrong place to ask the question, but I figured the best people to
> ask for guidance on this topic would be the developers.
> I want to set up a box with multiple simultaneous users.  That is - two
> keyboard/mouse pairs and two separate x sessions running on separate
> video card/monitor pairs - all on the same box.
> I've read that this can be done with the Backstreet Ruby work and
> XFree86, however I also noticed that X11r6.8 now has the new kbd driver
> by default, and reading through the configuration documentation it looks
> like it should be possible to define ServerLayouts to achieve the
> multi-user setup.
> Has anyone tried this?  If so, is there anything I should know before a
> shot in the dark?  
> If no one has tried it - should it be possible, in theory, with the
> current architecture?  I'll have a go if it is plausible and write up my
> experience.
> If it's not possible with the current release, is there any plan to have
> such features in a future release?

nope, currently not possible with unpatched linux/xfree :(
i've tried several times to submit a patch for inclusion
but i never got a reply :(

there are some talks about the future, but as i see it
it wont be any time soon, IIRC the last discussions 
could be find at dri-devel & fb-devel ml's

what now works (and maybe it's already for 2 years)
could be solved by patching X and/or linux

so there are two issues 
(have in mind that this is (b)ruby POW,
 not speaking of Miguel way)

every new instance of X blocks PCI access for
all previous X instancies

this is addressed by patching X with the patch
from the bruby web page or the newer version
that's in debian's xfree

or mandrake's (applies to xorg-6.8.1

the kernel(having linux in mind) treats all keyboards
as a single input keyboard
(b)ruby patched linux treats independand keyboards 
as independand devices

> Thanks in advance,
> Jinn
> PS: Running Gentoo with vanilla kernel 2.4.27.




that's not developer POW, 
i'm just a ruby user

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