committing the wsfb driver

Matthieu Herrb matthieu.herrb at
Sat Sep 25 03:17:54 PDT 2004


I've developped a driver for dumb framebuffer devices under NetBSD and 
OpenBSD that use the wscons console driver. This driver is useful on 
sparcs, macs and alpha with TGA cards where the console is running in 
bitmapped mode by default, when no specific accelerated driver is 

This driver is OS dependent (which breaks one of the rules of the 
XFree86 modules and explains why it never got commited to XFree86). For 
some time I've thought about rewriting a wsfbhw layer instead, that 
would make it possible to use the fbdev driver instead. But it appears 
that the interface between fbdev and fbdevhw is too Linux centric to 
keep this simple and robust.

I'd like to commit this driver into X.Org in order to minimize the work 
when importing X.Org releases into OpenBSD, and to make it possible for 
people relying on this driver to try the code in X.Org CVS before it's 
imported into OpenBSD. Of course it's build would only be enabled on 
OpenBSD and NetBSD architectures that support it.

The driver itself can be browsed here: 

Are there any objections?

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