The ICE thing and the permissions

Michael Obster michael at
Sun Sep 26 13:36:40 PDT 2004


I have a big questions whats wrong with the ICE directory /tmp/.ICE-unix. I have 
seen that there is a bug report in Bugzilla BUG 306 which is marked as resolved.

This thing is still not resolved. R6.8.1 has problems to use KDE. I have seen 
also a very emotional discussion about that thing.
What I want from you, is a clear statement, if the new permission setting is 
wanted for security reasons and if Gnome or KDE has to modify there ICE libs or 
if this is still a bug in X.Org.

Old releases have done there a root.root permission. I personally have not the 
knowlegde if this is needed for the ICE directories but I can imagine that this 
could be a security problem, as well as running the X-Server as root, but this 
is another story ;-).

What I'm missing is the clear statement which I have not find there. And I 
believe some KDE people has also not seen that, because I didn't find any 
discussion or modifications on their lists or libs.

And please do not be angry or pissed of on some words. You do a very great job, 
as I can see at the moment. :-)

Michael Obster
X11 Maintainer ROCK Linux

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