New multi video hardware coming

Jon Smirl jonsmirl at
Wed Aug 3 20:33:01 PDT 2005

Good chipset for a graphics developer to get. It supports simultaneous
use of PCI Express X16, AGP 8X, and PCI graphics.

The ULi M1695/M1567 is really even more as it also supports PCI
graphics. With this ULi chipset, you can simultaneously use PCI
Express X16, AGP 8X, and PCI graphics. As ULi puts it in their Press

    "M1695's innovative HyperTransport tunnel architecture integrates
non-blocking symmetrical HyperTransportTM 2.0 links which enables
motherboard manufacturers and system integrators to pair up M1695 with
other high performance HyperTransport-based chipsets and bridge
devices either natively or via the HTXTM connector. When coupled with
ULi's M1567 south bridge, the combination offers motherboard
manufacturers the unprecedented capability to support PCI Express x16,
AGP 8X, PCI graphics cards simultaneously on the same mainboard. Such
capability makes it possible to create a fully surrounding virtual
reality environment using multiple high resolution displays driven by
the three graphics technologies residing in the same computer system."

Jon Smirl
jonsmirl at

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