Xorg 7.0 RC0 on powerbook yields garbled text

Greg Roth roth at cs.utah.edu
Wed Aug 3 23:18:10 PDT 2005

Being adventurous, I installed the nex xorg7.0 release cantidate 0 on my
15" powerbook. The release notes suggested the readers of this list
might be interested in the results.

The short description is that a lot of text was garbled. Namly: text
relating to motif widgets, titles of windows, xdm prompts, all text
relating to an emacs window, and xterm/eterm text (but not text that I
myself type). However, text in gtk widgets and text displayed by xpdf
was rendered fine.

Another issue related to glxgears. I could start the program up, but
subsequently trying to move the window crashes X and brings me to an xdm

I've collected a screenshot of all this along with relevant logs and
system information files. I could post them here or bugzilla. Would
either action be helpful or should I just wait for these issues to be
worked out by other means? Is there anything else I can do to help short
of grokking the codebase and investigating these problems myself?


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